Monday, January 02, 2006

Chilly Waters

This morning, I met Mot at Matthews Beach for the 2006 Polar Bear Swim. We arrived at 11:15 a.m. and quickly registered. We then stood around for awhile pretending that it was balmy and not chilly or windy.

As the time neared and my toes began to freeze, I began to have nervous anticipation. Five minutes to Noon, we stripped down to our swimsuits and made our way to the beach. There was a girl from England next to me who agreed with me that we were all crazy. The horn sounded and the surge into the water began. Mot's long legs carried her far ahead of me and I quickly lost one flip flop. I quickly dipped myself up to my neck and began the sprint back. I located my flip flop near the shore and ran to my towel. Along the way, I picked up my official Polar Bear patch.

And that is one 31 in 31 goal accomplished!

The Official List:

1. Read 31 books
2. Read Ulysses
3. Read the entire Bible
4. Knit 14 items for the Dulaan project
5. Knit down stash
6. Start the Master Hand Knitting, Level 1 Program
7. Focus on Photography by participating in Photo Friday
8. Take a photo a day
9. Run the Vancouver 1/2 marathon
10. Do a Tri
11. Learn the butterfly stroke
12. Learn to Dive
13. Run 500 miles (approx 9.6 miles a week)
14. Do 18,250 crunches (approx. 50 a day)
15. Continue my healthy lifestyle while losing weight
16. Find someone special through dating
17. Take up a Co-Ed Hobby
18. Complete National Novel Writing Month in November by writing a 50,000 word novel
19. Once a week, take one small risk
20. Continue with my Spanish studies by reading at least one book in Spanish
21. Volunteer
22. Proactively celebrate other's birthdays
23. Knit two socks at once on two circulars
24. Do the Polar Bar Swim with Mot on New Year's Day
25. Organize my CD collection
26. FRAME the darn cat poster
27. Learn to cook one difficult dish (Our Chef at work is going to provide me with recipes for Duck Confit and Cassoulet -- CHALLENGING!)
28. Get an iPod
29. Save Money
30. Learn how to make proper pie crust
31. Take a trip somewhere, anywhere


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